White Tail Deer

Where do white tail deer live?

The white tail deer's genus is Odocoileus and its species is virginanus. They are mostly found in North and Central America and in northern sections of South America. You will find them usually in forests, swamps, and woodlands. When they are out traveling they normally travel in groups of three. Some similar species to the white tail deer are the mule deer, elk, woodland caribou, moose, and the pronghorn.

What does white tail deer eat?

Native foods that make up part of the deer's diet include woody vegetation, particularly buckbrush and rose, with lesser amounts of dogwood, chokecherry, plum, red cedar, pine, and a host of other species. Forbs, particularly sunflowers, are important, while grasses and sedges are used only briefly in spring and fall. Although whitetails can obviously subsist entirely on native foods, they apparently have a preference for farm crops, which constitute the biggest management problem in agricultural states - balancing deer numbers so as to satisfy both hunter demand and landowner tolerance.

What does a white tail deer look like?

The white-tailed deer is named for its most distinctive feature, the large white tail or "flag" that is often all you see as the animal bounds away through tall grass. The color of the deer's upper body and sides changes with the season, from a generally reddish-brown in summer to buff in winter. Its belly and the underside of its tail are completely white, and it has a white patch on the throat. The deer sheds its hair twice a year, its heavy winter coat giving way to a lighter one in spring which is replaced again in early fall. A fawn's coat is similar to the adult's but has several hundred white spots which gradually disappear when the deer is three to four months old.

How long does white tail deer live?

Vital Stats                                 

Weight: 125-300 lbs.
Length with tail: 60-90"
Shoulder Height: 3.5"
Sexual Maturity: 2 years                                      
Mating Season: Oct.- Dec.
Gestation Period: 200 days
No. of Young: 1-4, 2 avg.
Birth Interval: 1 year
Lifespan: 10 years in the wild
Typical diet: various vegetation

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