DTE Domain II:The teacher candidate understands the nature of human development and learning in working with diverse learners.


NCATE/CEC Standard # 9: Professional and Ethical Practice


Artifact: Philosophy


Date: Winter, 2007


Course: EDIS 250 Survey of Exceptionalities




††††††† I am presenting my personal teaching philosophy as my first artifact in my professional portfolio.This philosophy is my present personal beliefs about my roles and responsibilities as an Intervention Specialist.I will use my teaching philosophy as my guide to teaching my students, to the best of my ability, in my own classroom.

My philosophy demonstrates my professionalism because it shows my awareness of my roles and responsibilities as an Intervention Specialist. In my philosophy I remind of the importance of understanding how my attitudes, behaviors, and communications can affect my teaching and my students.My philosophy demonstrates that I understand that I must be open-minded to all diversities and differences in my students and to their learning abilities in order to be a successful intervention specialist.My studentsí learning is my most important task in teaching; therefore, being able to have good open communication with them and their parents is a must.

I placed this Exceptional Learning Needs Philosophy in Domain II and CEC Standard IX because I know that as a professional, I not only have to be aware of diverse learners, but I must try to understand their diversities.I also know that I must find ways to teach these learners and that with their diversities, these students will learn differently.This philosophy shows my professionalism by showing my passion and awareness to making learning possible for diverse learners.






Exceptional Learning Needs Educational Philosophy


††††††† Exceptional learners are not always given the opportunity or support to learn as other students.In many cases this is because of the lack of resources that a family may have and often because the learner has not yet been identified.In order for a student to be eligible to receive special education, he/she must first be properly identified.When working in the schools I will be knowledgeable on signs of diversities that may qualify a student for assessment, because I believe that early intervention is key.†† I will also be available as a resource to families who need my support in helping their exceptional child.

††††††† As an Intervention Specialist, I believe my first and foremost roles to my students in the classroom are to protect and provide.It is my job to support each of my students and keep them from harm.I also know that as an Intervention Specialist I must make learning possible for my students.

††††††† It is my responsibility to encourage my students to learn.I will do everything I can to ensure that this action takes place. I will get my students engaged in their own learning.It is my duty to look for techniques and styles that will ensure that learning is taking place in my students.If I see that a style of teaching is not working for my students, then I must find a new way to teach them or I am not doing my job to teach them and provide for them.I will be there for my students to give them support emotionally, physically, intellectually and in any other way possible.I am devoted to ensuring that I make a difference in my studentsí lives and give them many opportunities to live as any other person does.

††††††† I believe that by being knowledgeable on different teaching styles and classroom management skills I should be able to develop learning environments that will support my studentsí learning.My classroom environment will be the least restrictive possible.I do not feel that a student should be restricted in their classroom just because they are diverse.By developing a least restrictive environment for my students, I feel as if I am giving them room to grow as a learner and the opportunity to enjoy their learning experience.

††††††† I will also need to be knowledgeable on laws, policies, and acts that affect my teaching and my studentsí learning.I realize that these are in place to protect the rights of my diverse learners.I plan to try to get my parents involved in their childís education and help to educate them on their childís rights under these laws.

††††††† In the school, I will never sacrifice learning of other students in the general education program for the sake of a special education student.I know that if I were to do this then I would be harming them and reducing their learning.As an Intervention Specialist I know that harm done to students, whether they are special education or general education is harm done to their learning and their well being and I refuse to do harm to any student.Another role to general education students is to rid of any stereotypes that they may have encountered about special education students and classroom inclusion.These students need to know that special education students have just as many rights as general education students do and that they should be treated equally.I know that by encouraging this idea that it can reduce harm to the students in my special education classroom.I will be stay open to the fact that there are some "at risk" learners who may also need my support, and will work toward preventing an exceptional learning need in those students.

††††††† As an Intervention Specialist in the school, I am a resource to other general education teachers.I know that I will be collaborating with general education teachers to form Individualized Education Plans (IEPís) and to find ways to help teach all students.I may also be asked to help general education teachers in identifying a student for referral for assessment.Exceptional students, who are in the least restrictive environment, the general education classroom will also form the opportunity for collaborative teaching with the general education teachers.

††††††† To parents, I am a support group and a resource for information.I will be there to answer questions that my parents have about their child and their rights in their education.Some parents may have concerns about their learners, and I will listen to these concerns and collaborate with the parents of my students in order to teach them in the most active way possible.I know that communication with parents is vital in the learning of the student, and I plan to keep my lines of communication open at all times to parents. I want for my parents to feel open enough to trust me and to come to me when they are in need of support.

††††††† My roles of responsibility to the principal are like that of my roles of responsibility to the general education teachers.I must be open to collaboratively work with the principal and other school staff to make plans and to come up with new ways of teaching students with exceptionalities.I feel that the role of my profession and the role of the school principal are very reliant on the support of each other.I know that I will need the support of my school principal in developing new strategies of teaching as well as in properly identifying diverse learners.With the support of the principal, early intervention and assessment is possible.

††††††† As an Intervention Specialist I have many roles and responsibilities.I know that in my classroom I will be responsible for the learning of all of my students.I will use many different methods of teaching and do everything possible to ensure the learning of my students, as well as getting my students engaged in their own learning.I will provide all resources possible to these students and do my best to prepare them for transitioning from life events that other students may not need help doing.I will prepare my students the best way I can for living independently with the least restrictions possible.